Sanotint classic Italian natural Permanent hair dye 24 cherry red 125ml

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" Herbal Hair Dye and It is Different from the rest of the Herbal pigments by containing the extract of Golden millet rich in amino acids to compensate Hair keratin, which loses during the process of Dye, and also rich in silica, an important element of the durability and vitality of hair.

- One of the safest dyes on Hair and skin because It does not contain Paraben, Ammonia or additive minerals such as Paraffin, Silicon and Formaldehyde

- Dermatologically tested

- It also contains a Grape seed extract known for its effect against Hair loss and break Hair and the Olive leaves with its effect of stimulating Hair growth and health

- contains a Birch extract that strengthens Hair roots, prevents crust and relieves scalp irritation.

- contains biotin and vitamin B5 to ensure that Hair will not dry after dyeing and Maintains the gloss of Hair"

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