Return Policy

We do everything we can to be sure that the product reach you in a perfect condition ,but we are

Also aware that in rare cases other things can happen:

If you received your goods in a bad condition you can replace it or return it within 7 days

You can apply for a refund or exchange the product only in the following cases:

- Receiving a wrong product.

- Receiving a damaged product.

- Receiving a product that is not as described or pictured on the online shop.

- You no longer want the product.

Terms of return and replacement:

- Proof of purchase with order number and invoice.

- The product must be unused  in its original condition.

- And in its original packaging.

- The return or replacement request must be made within 7 days of date of receipt.

Non  -returnable  cases:

- If the application is submitted after the specified period which is 7 days from the received date.

- If the product is used or damaged.

- If it is within the clothes and socks.

- Damaged products covered by warranty.

- Product that have been tampered with or removed serial number.

- Products without stickers or original cover.

- Products that can be broken or used as a cleaner product.

- If the sellers note on the item is clear that it is not possible to return the item after its sale.

- If it is cosmetics or perfumes.


- If the product is damaged or not working properly or does not match the description on the online.

 The Shop will be refunded the price of product in addition to the shipping cost you paid at the time of purchase.

- If the product is returned because you no longer want it after receipt you only receive the cost of the product excluding the shipping cost.

The electronic product is accepted only in one case if the product does not match the description and the picture that appears on the online shop.

How I can follow my return request status ?

We will always keep you informed by e-mail and telephone calls about the product return status

If you have any questions  feel  free to contact us through the following channels.


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